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At Design House 1411, we understand that every project has it's unique and appropriate process. First we'll meet with you and listen to your needs and we'll ask questions to determine your familiarity with the design and development process. With that knowledge, we can present you with a sequence of events that will accomplish your goals and keep you in a position of total awareness and control. If desired, we can help you develop a program that can plan big idea items such as long range planning and phased development and also incorporate smaller, important details including finishes and even special utility needs. Your budget can be identified and reconciled with your goals.

At Design House, not only do we really listen and respond, but we also try to do the "heavy lifting" on the front end of your project. We do research and planning to identify all code and zoning requirements, identify systems of construction and elements of design to avoid later surprises. We always keep you totally aware of the process and findings and assist you in making solid decisions that you can look back on from the future and still feel good about. We stay with you through construction, occupancy and beyond. To us, our clients are more than just that, they are new and continuing relationships that we value very highly.

Design House 1411 Architecture and Design, Nashville, Tennessee

Design  House 1411, LLC
1411 Woodland Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37206