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At Design House 1411, we believe one of our main specialties is to take on any project type and deliver you a successful project. We believe that your project should have the chance to be itself and not a reincarnation of previous work. We also understand that familiarity with specific requirements and expectations can also assist with a projects success and often our clients feel more at ease with us when they realize we have dealt with the details before. Our experience is wide and pre-dates Design House. Projects we have sucsessfully completed multiples of with special characteristics include hospitals, medical office, recreation and fitness, restaurants, residential, land use and feasability, rezonning....we could go on. Project details include many sizes and complexities and are of new construction, additions, alterations, reconfigurations and re-use / change of occupancy, interior design, code / life safety compliance upgrades, ADA compliance and more. Many of these characteristics carry through any single project.
Design House 1411 Architecture and Design, Nashville, Tennessee

Design  House 1411, LLC
1411 Woodland Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37206