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Design House is continually striving to stay on top of new technologies and materials that will improve the performance of your building's exterior envelope. One of the main components that is often overlooked until something goes wrong is the roof. Our staff and team of associates have a vast range of experience designing and specifying all types of roof systems. We understand that your roof is more than the piece of membrane, metal or shingles, but a complex system of interfaces of these materials to walls, equipment, drains, corners and other components. These are the critical transition points that can give you trouble if not adressed properly. When designing the new building roof, we can take steps to minimize potentially problematic conditions. Often your project is an addition or alteration or simply a re-roof and we must find solutions to overcome the existing conditions. We have encountered every condition imaginable over the years and can help you successfully protect your building, furnishings and occupants.
Design House 1411 Architecture and Design, Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville Children's Theatre Roof

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