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Sustainability come in many different forms these days and deciding what makes the best sense for you and your specific project is our goal. At Design House, we allways design with sustainable stratagies in mind. Whether it is choosing materials with proven manufacturing processes that honor our planet and environment, coordinating rcycling the waste produced by the project or how your building responds to it's microclimate conditions and it's overall efficient energy performance, we can discuss the alternatives with you and design to balance your budget and sustainability goals. Combine all of the above and we can help you acheive LEED accredidation and coordinate  the submittals, testing and certification process. Please don't follow some who think it doesn't matter or the other extreme that shout more is better and should be manditory. We do believe in the concept that there is a minimum commitment that should be considered when developing or improving buildings and our current building and energy codes are in linewith that thought. Have you ever thought that a white roof and using the "more is better" attitude toward your roof and insulation is accurate? Maybe not in Nashville, TN depending on other factors including your building site and orientation as well as use. With our locations cold winters, some buildings can benifit from some solar warming from the roof. There's a balance to acheive for best energy performance and you can put that extra money to better use elsewhere. Contact us to discuss your stratagies and goals. We can help you develop your plan from the most basic to full energy modeling and LEED certification.
Design House 1411 Architecture and Design, Nashville, Tennessee

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