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Design House 1411 has a wide range of experience with different project types and offers a variety of services related to architecture and interior design including feasability studies and planning as well as traditional services. Additionally, we assist clients with related areas that are often a part of our full services and considerations. Buildings age and require maintenance and upgrades. We have extensive experience with renovation work and upgrades to improve energy performance with sustainable design practices. Roofs and exterior protection envelopes including your thermal envelope can be repaired and enhanced to achieve better performance and extended life. For your existing building, we can advise you of the best options to not only repair conditions but also enhance perprmance and lifespan of systems. We offer LEED certification services but apply the same principals to your project to improve energy performance within your budget and goals and apply good practices for sustainability as appropriate to your needs. Call us to discuss your questions and options.

Design House 1411 Architecture and Design, Nashville, Tennessee

Design  House 1411, LLC
1411 Woodland Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37206